Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How to Wear & Identify Vintage Dress Styles for Spring

How to Wear & Identify Vintage Dress Styles for Spring

Happy Monday, everyone!!!
It gives me GREAT DELIGHT to start the week off in the best of ways — giving you a dash of vintage fashion inspiration & education with today’s post, plus almost too-good-to-be-true shop-happy enlightenment with a newly updated Shop Finds page.
According to our friend the weatherman, the temps in NYC are supposed to reach 80 degrees today! Last week I was still layering and stomping the streets in boots. But today, I’m opening my closet for a lovely vintage dress and style heightening heels.
The beautiful thing about life is that we never stop learning. I don’t care if you have your doctorate 10 times over … you are still a blank slate, open to new information, ideas and enlightening emotions.
Which is why I knew that despite having a deep pocket of useful vintage fashion information ready to dispose to you, it’s also my duty to keep room in my mind and heart to soak up helpful style facts and styles that will truly provide a service to YOU.
Today’s post does exactly just that: The thermometer says that spring is here, which means spring fashion is not just hanging in our closets … it’s on our bods and on our shopping lists! So when looking for a fresh spring frock, how do you differentiate between all the different names, from A-line to maxi; plume to pinafore; sheath to shift; tent to wiggle and more?!
Keep reading after the jump to learn what the key style, construction and how-to-wear differences are in this season’s most talked about dresses, and to learn where you can buy the mentioned dress style online at Mod Cloth or Essy right this very moment!
FYI Disclaimer: I chose to include a link to “vintage inspired” new pieces available to buy on Mod Cloth because thanks to feedback from you, I want to offer vintage fashion inspiration for all, and not just for that “special girl” who can fit into the piece I’m promoting on this site.
Thanks to Mod Cloth true passion for fashion and understanding of the female body and style consciousness, anyone can buy a vintage look-a-like in a size that suits their self-empowered style.
Is buying new better than buying vintage? In some cases, it’s a necessity! However, if you like a style and want it vintage, I pass my torch to you, vintage loving sister … because where there is a will, there is a WAY!

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