Wednesday, 29 February 2012



THE TREND: Printed novelty tights decorated with stripes, polka dots and various colors, shapes and designs.
ITS INVENTION: The first patterned tight was introduced to fashion buyers in the late ’50s — but like so many other revolutionary trends (the knee-high boot and mini skirt are examples), the “tattooed” leg effect was snubbed upon and wouldn’t be embraced by buyers until the emergence of the mini skirt.
When the legs of young ladies were bared to the elements of mother nature, a girl needed to protect her “more” exposed leg with something as funky and stylish as the mini skirt she was sporting. Enter the patterned tight, which adopted the vibrant and bright motifs of the oh-so-mod ’60s.
ITS INFLUENCE:  Patterned tights still rule the wardrobes of today’s fashion-forward youth.
Girls in their teens and ’20s pair funky patterned tights as a pop of color that either plays as an attention-grabber or as a strategic styling tool to create a tone-coordinated outfit. The “color-blocking” trend of seasons past and current has also influenced the steady trend of colored and patterned tights.
Patterned tights are so popular that sites like We Love Colors  and Peek Brooklyn , along with department store brands like Hue  focus exclusively on the tights market.
The patterned tights trend of today is a lot like the legging trend of the ’80s — every girl has to own at least one (or a dozen) options to pair with every look!

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