Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sheath Dress

Sheath Dress

STYLE NOTES: The sheath dress is distinctly different from the shift dress — but is way-too-often interchangeably used.
The sheath dress is designed to hug the body at the chest, waist and hips. It is almost formed to fit the skin, and often sleeveless and with a high neck to offset the piece’s body hugging qualities.
Think of the modern day bondage dress: That is an updated version of it’s close cousin, the sheath dress.
HOW TO WEAR: The sheath dress is for evening activities only, especially those that involve  glamorous night out or a fabulous date.
WHO SHOULD WEAR: The key to wearing a sheath dress is finding the one that fits your body’s proportions right. Any figure can wear a sheath dress … if the dress only fits. Oh-too-often ladies try to fit into something a size or two too small, and woefully proclaim that “they just can’t rock the style.”
Know that the sheath dress is designed to accentuate a girl’s beautiful body. Weather you have a boy frame or the frame of Dita Von Teese, you can wear a sheath dress if the size is right.

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