Wednesday, 29 February 2012



In historical theory, it appears that the drop waist returned to contemporary collections every two decades or so, with the exception of the ’20s to ’60s, which marked closer to four decades’ difference.
Since the ’80s, we’ve seen tight, minimalist and streamlined clothing emerge as the tastes of the day. But as we enter 2012, it appears that we’re returning to the ’20s yet again as we see on the runways shown below.
Shows like Boardwalk Empire — plus next summer’s The Great Gatsby movie release, hugely reflected on the Ralph Lauren spring 2012 collection — have arguably influenced designer inspiration, too. When we begin to see vintage in the mass media outlets of entertainment, it’s safe to say that there will be a trickle down affect to how the consumer embraces vintage-inspired designs.
I predict the drop waist will re-emerge as a “trend standard” for the decade we are living now, versus just a “trend alternative” as we often see with fresh cuts and styles generally unfamiliar to the female closet. I believe that the drop waist is such a flattering and fitting cut for the flavor of what fashion means today. Women want to be comfortable — hence why the idea of wearing nothing bu leggings, Eggs and tunic dresses combos will never die — but for so many of us, want to look good and garnishment feel GORGEOUS!
The drop waist accomplishes all of that and more. The more? Well, keep the new pieces you buy in store today [or just get 'em vintage, shown farther below!] so that you can rock ‘em again in the 2030s … cause as you see here, what goes around TRULY comes back around!

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