Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Drop Waist Dress for Spring

Vintage Trend I’m Predicting: The Drop Waist Dress for Spring

One trend which has made a “what goes around comes around” revival is that of the drop waist dress.
A drop waist is best described as a horizontal line cut across the body below the hips, instead of at your natural waist. Because the drop waist falls below the hips, it creates the allusion of a lengthened torso and arguably makes your hot bod appear longer and leaner [bonus!]
If they had existed back then, street fashion photographers would have first spotted the drop waist in the early 1920s, when the golden era of the flapper look and Jazz age had begun. It gained popularity once again thanks to 1960s fashion, emerged once again with an ’80s does ’20s fashion vibe and now back in style for spring/summer 2012.
Thanks to the time’s fun & dandy mentality and expansion of women’s rights to vote and participate as equal members of society, fashion took note and the silhouette of the female form changed to reflect these liberated times.
While you’re not seeing the drop waist in stores right this very second, you’ll be seeing them come the spring 2012 season thanks to designer influences on the runways this past NYC Fashion Week.
Keep reading after the jump to learn more about designer’s affections for the drop waist, and how you can get a few of my favorite drop waist pieces on Etsy now!
I’ve been blogging quite a lot about NYC Fashion Week [and how to thrift the trends!] because I find it inspiring to spot the “vintage trend” as integrated into the designs of today’s “runway trend.”
It’s thanks to looking back into history — and seeing how it influences who we are today and we can predict we shall become — that the connection between intellectual history and collaborative creativity can be made.
Want to learn more about a specific type of clothing that was popular eras ago, or how a cultural event may have influenced fashion today?

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