Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wiggle Dress 2012

Wiggle Dress

STYLE NOTES: The “wiggle” dress is a true vintage piece, especially because the term “wiggle” is not part of the common style vernacular of today.
It’s a laymen’s term for a dress which causes a woman to “wiggle” when she walks, because the skirt is fitted from the waist down to hug her legs so tight that she must walk delicately and with small steps.
For more information on the wiggle dress, check out an article by my friends over at the Vintage Bulletin.
Many wiggle dresses resemble “secretary dresses” of the ’50′s and ’60s — appropriate for that time period, because secretaries spent most of their day’s sitting down and therefore did not need to move or “wiggle about the office.” However, when they did move, the wiggle dress created a beautiful silhouette that (ahem) many boss men of the day probably enjoyed admiring from their desks.
HOW TO WEAR: Some wiggle dresses (see vintage, left) are styled for evening, but most often you’re going to find that secretary-ques style that carries a professional vibe with a button-up front, solid color and crisp design.
Wiggle dresses are perfect as they are and don’t need much more than black or nude tights (lean away from patterned, unless you want to look more pin-up girl) and pointy-toed pumps.
Round pumps are a bit more matronly and will take away from the “wiggle” wow factor of the dresses’ stylish sex appeal.
WHO SHOULD WEAR: Ladies with a silicious backside will either embrace the wiggle dress or shake their heads in distaste. Want to show off your goods? This the dress to do that. But beware: that boss man (and construction men … police men … etc.) are going to take notice!
Ladies with balanced proportions will enjoy the wiggle dress, too, especially because it’s “midi” length (hits past the knee at about mid calf) will elongate anyone’s frame without feeling like you’re wearing a floor sweeping ball gown.

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